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GSSA Action Plan for a Positive Covid-19 Result

GSSA Action Plan for a Positive Covid-19 Result

(1) Positive Covid-19 result for player or listed coach:

  • GSSA will immediately notify all primary point of contact individuals for all players, and the listed team coaches, of the positive test (again, only notifying them that a member of their team tested positive, but not sharing who that team member is).

  • Per CDC guidelines, that team will be required to start a 10-day GSSA quarantine from the date of last contact (with the infected individual). The 10-day quarantine means NO team practices, games or activities.

  • At the conclusion of the 10 days, team activities (practices, games, etc.) may resume but any individual (player or coach) who is still exhibiting symptoms will not be allowed to return until they have been symptom free for a minimum of 5 days.

  • GSSA will make all efforts to reschedule any games that fall within the 10-day mandated quarantine.

(2) Positive Covid-19 result for an immediate household member of a player or a listed coach:

  • GSSA will mandate that the player or coach that had an immediate household member. test positive for Covid-19 self-quarantine from all GSSA related activities for 10 days.

  • That player or coach, with a positive Covid-19 household member, may resume GSSA related activities at the end of the 10-day quarantine as long as they have been symptom free (themself) for the past 5 days.

  • GSSA will NOT inform the remainder of the team of the player/coach’s household member that tested positive for Covid-19.

(3) Positive Covid-19 result for player or coach of an opposing team or referee

  • If GSSA is informed of a positive Covid-19 result of a player, coach or referee that recently had interaction (i.e. a game or scrimmage) with another GSSA team, that team will be informed of the infection and GSSA will mandate a 10-day quarantine of the informed team from the day of last contact (i.e. the date of the scrimmage or game).

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