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Grapevine-Southlake Soccer Association

Sideline Policy


Effective Date: April 1, 2018


Age Groups U4 – U5:

·         Spectators are encouraged to spread out along the field sidelines to help the coaches return the ball to play.

Age Group U6:

·         Spectators are encouraged to sit on the sideline OPPOSITE of the teams during the game. However, the coach has the discretion to invite spectators onto the team sideline to help with the players.

Age Groups U7 – U19:

·         ALL Spectators are to be on the sideline OPPOSITE of the teams during the game.

·         Teams, coaches and players will remain on their own half of the side they are on.


1.       Support the coach and player at all times.

2.       Be on time to practices and games so that the fields can remain on schedule.

3.       Pick up you player on time from practices and games.

4.       Remain with your player at all times.

5.       Applaud good play for both teams.

6.       Remain at least six feet from all sidelines.

7.       Remain on the side of the field, which is opposite the coach and team.

8.       Accept the outcome of the game with a positive attitude. 

9.       Encourage your player to be gracious, whether winning or losing.

10.   Do not criticize the coach at any time.

11.   Do not question the calls made by the referees.

12.   Do not criticize players on your team or players on the opposing team.

13.   Do not go past the eighteen-yard line.

14.   Do not stand behind the goal.

15.   Do not enter the field of play at any time. 

16.   Do not coach players from the sideline.

17.   Do not use vulgar or abusive language at any time. 

18.   Have a positive attitude at all times.

19.   Spectators are to be on the side of the field opposite the teams. 

20.   Coaches are to be on their own half of the field on the side opposite the spectators.

Field Status

Open Open

Bob Jones Park - Grass  (07:12 AM | 05/18/24)

Open Open

Bob Jones Park - Turf  (07:12 AM | 05/18/24)

Open Open

Oak Grove Park (03:29 PM | 05/22/24)

Closed Closed

Meadowmere Park (03:29 PM | 05/22/24)