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Grapevine-Southlake Soccer Association

Uniform Policy


Effective Date: April 1, 2018


  • Adoption Date: April 1, 2018
  • Revision Date: April 1, 2019
  • Revision Date: January 14, 2020


Uniform kits are provided to players at no additional charge. To simplify the ordering process, GSSA has agreed to purchase every player a new uniform kit each season. However, parents may choose to not receive a jersey (Spring Season only) by opting out as follows:

GSSA will provide on the spring player registration the following question:

Check box if you intend to use the uniform kit provided last season and therefore do not need GSSA to order you a new kit for this spring season.

This opt out is optional and does not result in any kind of refund or discount to the player’s registration fee.

GSSA will do our best to accommodate player’s registration size requests. However, GSSA does not guarantee wait list registrants will receive their requested size, in which case, GSSA reserves the right to provide a default size from existing inventory. Default sizes are based on the average size jersey per age group.

Returning coaches have priority in jersey color preference. All coaches will be asked their top three (3) jersey color preferences when registering on a first come first serve basis.


Registration dates will be posted on the GSSA website at the following link.


GSSA provides multiple opportunities to try on the uniforms before registration closes to ensure that players are requesting the correct size uniform.

See the calendar for dates and times.


Uniform kit styles will be retained from August through June.


All uniform kits are included in the registration fee.


Replacement Uniform Kit

  • Fee: $25 + $15 shipping / handling cost
  • Full kit only
  • Players cannot order individual items.


  • U4 – U8 Age Groups
    • Each season: 1-10
    • Wait List: 11-20
    • Replacements: 21-30
  • U9 – U19 Age Groups
    • Player registration form preferred jersey numbers are not guaranteed.
    • Coaches responsible for updating player’s jersey number in GotSoccer. Any player without an official jersey number in GotSoccer may or may not receive their old number.
    • Preferred jersey numbers are not guaranteed to any player.
    • Order of Number Preference
      • Returning players to the same team
      • All other players
        • Registration date (FIFO)


Teams are required to wear the GSSA provided uniform kit at all North Texas Soccer, Northern Mid-Cities Soccer League, and Grapevine Southlake Soccer Association sanctioned events and games, as well as, the Tournament of the Champions.

Coaches are not required to wear GSSA related gear at any time.

The back of the uniform may be printed with the player or team’s name above the number, so long as the number is not obscured or altered.

The jersey number, GSSA logo, and corporate sponsorship logo (if applicable) may not be obscured or altered.

Any requests for exception to this policy must be presented to the GSSA board in writing. The board will review each case separately at the next meeting and make a ruling.

Uniform Kit consists of the following items:

  • Jersey
  • Shorts
  • Socks

Official GSSA Provided Uniforms


  • Jersey Style: Plymouth Jersey
  • Shorts Style: Colfax Shorts
  • Sock Style: Pro Sock

Alterations to the GSSA provided uniform are strictly prohibited.

  • This includes but not limited to: cutting, dying, and printing, changing the physical appearance of the uniform whether permanently or non-permanently.


Team Goalie Jerseys

 GSSA will provide two (2) goalie jerseys of different colors to each U9-U19 team. 

  • The goalie jerseys must be a different color from the team colors.
  • All goalie jerseys will have the GSSA logo and no jersey number.
  • The team goalie jersey will remain with the team and not belong to any player.
  • GSSA will replace a jersey under the following scenarios:
    • Torn, ripped, or damaged.
    • Different size is needed.



The GSSA expects coaches to follow and enforce compliance with these policies. Violations of these policies may result in oral or written warnings, and, in the case of repeated or serious violations, a team’s coach may be suspended for one or more games or expelled from coaching in the GSSA. Any GSSA Board Member may issue oral warnings for minor violations. All other disciplinary actions (written warnings, suspensions, expulsions) may be issued only by the GSSA President. Any suspension or expulsion may be appealed to the GSSA Board of Directors by filing with the GSSA’s President or Administrator a written notice of appeal within 14 days after receiving notice of the suspension or expulsion. A timely filed notice of appeal will stay the suspension or expulsion being appealed until the appeal is decided by the Board of Directors.

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