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A&D Policy & Process


Effective Date: April 1, 2018




Once a formal complaint has been filed in writing with the GSSA office, a committee should be appointed and the offending party notified.  A letter will be sent by email and certified mail explaining the reason for the hearing and two possible dates.  They will be given a limited amount of time to notify the office of the date that works best for them, or GSSA will decide.

Once a time is set and the committee is in place all evidence will be presented at the hearing.  The person filing the complaint and the offending party will both be allowed to speak.  If the hearing is for accumulation of cards, the Age Group Commissioner will serve and the complainant.

The committee will make a decision and send it to the GSSA office.  The office will notify the appropriate people. If the panel gives sit outs, the player/coach/parent cannot participate again until the sit out verification form(s) have been turned in to the GSSA Office for documentation.

Field Status

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Bob Jones Park - Grass  (07:12 AM | 05/18/24)

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Bob Jones Park - Turf  (07:12 AM | 05/18/24)

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Oak Grove Park (03:29 PM | 05/22/24)

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