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Grapevine-Southlake Soccer Association

GSSA 2020-2021 Safety Guidelines

GSSA 2021-2022 Safety Guidelines

▪ We encourage all players, coaches and spectators to follow CDC Guidelines located here.

▪ We encourage players and coaches to self-screen prior to arrival by taking their own temperatures and reviewing the list of COVID -19 symptoms and potential exposure questions. Any player or coach who does not meet the self-screening guidelines should not attend training. Anyone who has a fever or is showing other signs of illness should not come to the soccer complex.

▪ If any person associated with your team tests positive for COVID-19, the Coach/Manager should report this to GSSA immediately.

▪ Players must bring their own equipment, water, towels, etc. and should not share with others. 

▪ Coaches should maintain social distance from players.

▪ Families observing practices and games should socially distance by staying at least 6 feet from other observers, players and coaches.

▪ Only one member of the team will participate in the coin toss.

▪ Please refrain from hand shaking or high-fiveing at any time before, during or after the game. 

▪ If you travel, please check the local association’s rules 

Field Status

Open Open

Bob Jones Park (03:23 PM | 02/20/24)

Open Open

Oak Grove Park  (12:29 PM | 02/29/24)

Open Open

Meadowmere Park (12:29 PM | 02/29/24)